Versatile and comfortable

The bag is equipped with two pairs of rings (like those of a ring sling) as well as long full wrap straps, which allows for a large variety of carries and finishes.
Anneaux'Affaires adapts to every carrying styles, in great comfort.

Use it with one (or two) child(ren), or even without a baby at all; in every day's life or as the other parent during a stroll, it can be used for any occasion to carry your belongings.

Close up of the rings and straps

Available in 2 sizes

Anneaux'Affaires is available in Maxi (L49xH35xP18cm, 30L) or Normal (L35xH25xP14cm, 12L). Mini will be considered as a recurring size if there's enough requests.
Going for a long walk or a short stroll, with your whole tribe or just you and babe, carry exactly what you need!

Two babywearing bags next to each other, the big one is blue while the other is a dark rainbow

Large volume, well organized

The interior is large in both versions, and is completed by:

  • a zippered pocket inside ;
  • a slip pocket under the flap, closed by a magnetic button ;
  • an optional zippered pocket on the flap ;
  • two lateral gusseted pockets, with optional magnetic flap.
Top view of the inside of the babywearing bag containing a large quantity of things: cloth nappies, a wool one-piece suit, a bike/trike helmet, a monkey plushy, a glasses case, a book, a reusable water bottle, a large wallet, a set of keys, a pack of tissues... and could still hold some more

Safe content

  • The main closure has high quality metal snap buckles on adjustable cotton straps: whether it's full or not, your content stays put, yet easily accessible.
  • The bottom of Anneaux'Affaires is reinforced with organic coated cotton so you don't have to worry about where you put it down.
  • Add some optional screw-on bag feet, it becomes really rugged!
Close up of the high quality metal buckles on cotton straps

Ingenious, thanks to you

Small details that make all the difference... inspired by your feedback.

  • The lateral pockets have pleats and an elastic to give them high storage capacity while avoiding any gaping.
  • Two sheaths can be added on the back of the bag as an option, to slip the rings in when not in use and thus avoid the clinking sound they can make when walking.
  • Last but not least, it is possible to apply, prior to sewing, a water based waterproofing coating to the body of the bag (OdiCoat, made in France by a French brand). Beware, it does change the fabric's feel!
Close up of a pleated pocket and a ring sheath

Completely custom-made

For a bag that's perfectly adjusted to your tastes, needs and budget, choose:

  • Your babywearing wrap (from my stock, by entrusting me your own or by asking me to find it for you) ;
  • The color of the lining and the hardware (chrome, gold, bronze, gunmetal or rainbow) ;
  • The different available options (see above).
Patchwork of various multicolored babywearing wrap fabrics

Photo Gallery

Discover some of the numerous possible carries and finishes.


The necessary length of wrap fabric (excl. tails) is 1.9m (6,2ft) for the Normal size and 2.9m (9,5ft) for the Maxi size. It's also possible to use your "pretty" scrap for the body and Colimaçon et Cie solid color wrap fabric for the straps.

Moreover, here's a table to help you estimate the necessary budget depending on base size and desired options.

After you accept the quote, payment happens in 3 installments (unless you wish to pay all upfront): 40% non-refundable deposit, 30% when I start sewing, 30% when I'm ready to send.
Payments will be done by CC or bank transfer, after I provide you with an invoice.

Base price
(Normal size - excl. wrap scrap)
(270€ in Maxi size)
Screw-on bag feet 15€
Zippered pocket on the flap 20€
Magnetic flap on side pocket 10€ per flap
Ring sheaths 20€
Odicoat waterproofing 40€

I'm interested!

Send me your name and email and I'll contact you back so we can talk abour your project.
(Your email will NOT be used for emailing about anything else)

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Bags, wallets, clothes, slippers, hats, ties…
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